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Managing Risk for New Services #Summit21

“Once you are given the responsibility to protect and manage [somebody’s else’s data]…you need to make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to protect your customers and your clients,” says Stephen Gorman of The Hartford in the above interview. Gorman was referring to the idea that service providers need to account for the security […]

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Ultra HD 4K Here Today

Ultra HD 4K video was everywhere at NAB 2014. Netflix’s launch of its House of Cards TV series in this format, which offers 4 times the definition of current high-definition programming, indicates that it is rapidly moving from camera to eyeball. Parks Associates research reinforces the idea of relatively fast consumer acceptance of Ultra HD 4K video […]

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The Piracy Continuum

Stuart Rosove of Irdeto explains the nuance associated with identifying content theft. In this interview, he explains the framework for how Irdeto looks at the content security continuum. Ensuring easy access to the legitimate consumer on whatever device she wants is one of the problems Irdeto is trying to solve. Rosove points out a number […]

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