AL/ML to Help Developers Stay Within the Boundaries of Regulations and Standards – #ces2024

A German company, Certivity, is utilizing machine learning (ML) to address a challenge faced by many industries: adhering to a vast and ever-changing web of regulations. Their approach focuses on digitizing rules and regulations, allowing AI to analyze them and create automated workflows. This guides engineers during the design phase, ensuring their creations comply with all requirements.

Certivity’s initial target was the automotive industry, notorious for its complex regulatory landscape. With over 5,000 laws translating into more than 500,000 design constraints, automotive regulatory compliance can be a significant challenge. Their approach promises significant time and cost savings.

Certivity’s method holds promise for simplifying design processes beyond the automotive sector. Industries like aerospace, banking, energy, medical devices, and communications grapple with similar regulatory burdens, making them ripe for Certivity’s solution.

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