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“The connection to the community and rural areas is kind of what’s always been important to me,” states Jimmy Todd, CEO/General Manager of Nex-Tech in Lenora, Kansas. Todd, who is also the incoming chair of the Fiber Broadband Association reflects on a fiber journey that began for his cooperative in 1996. In the above interview, filmed at FiberConnect 2023, Todd explains that they will have fiber-to-the-home to 100% of their service territory by the end of this year.

Given his experience working for RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies) Pacific Bell (now AT&T) and U.S. West (Lumen), he was the perfect moderator for the panel, Best Practices: From Design to Installations. A recurring theme of the panel was the importance of communicating one’s design and installation plan to the leadership of the municipality, other local stakeholders, and potential customers.

In the past, it was difficult to provide up-to-date status of a network build. With today’s connected tools, it is possible to provide real-time construction updates via web dashboards. Todd emphasizes the importance of rapidly communicating the inevitable changes that will occur in any build. 

Classes or participation in community events are other opportunities to engage with one’s prospects and customers. As Todd says,

“You can’t you can’t communicate enough. I mean, the biggest thing is making sure that you do your best to educate folks, make them aware, and do it over and over.”

Jimmy Todd, CEO/General Manager, Nex-Tech

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