The Community Concierge for the Relocated Worker & More

For attendees of trade shows like NTCA’s RTIME, Shelly Geerdes is known as the CEO of Pinnacle Marketing Group. For people moving to the Bemidji region, they might think of her first and foremost as a Community Connector. In the above interview, Geerdes explains that her volunteer role as a Community Connector is exactly what the name describes.

The Community Connector role is part of a program called Community Concierge. This initiative is part of Greater Bemidji’s 218 Relocate. As it states on its website,

“The Greater Bemidji 218 Relocate Programs were created for those interested in moving to the Bemidji area to choose their lifestyle and take the leap.”

218 Relocate Website

According to Geerdes, 218 Relocate is responsible for approximately 350 people moving to the Bemidji area in the past couple of years.

Geerdes explains how she and her husband were matched with a couple of similar interests who recently moved to the area from Des Moines. Serving as the Community Connector, this long-term resident is introducing these new residents to the many activities that the Bemidji region offers.    

Interview Highlights

For additional insight on the Paul Bunyan Communications role in helping attract people to the Greater Bemidji area, please see this interview with Gary Johnson and Dave Hengel.

ViodiTV coverage of NTCA’s RTIME 2023 courtesy of Calix.

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