Uniting by Fiber – #TIS2022

What started as a vision to build broadband to serve its extremely rural (think one or two homes per mile) electric cooperative territory has morphed into something bigger. United Fiber, the broadband business started by Missouri-based United Electric Cooperative, now has approximately three times as many customers as does their traditional electrical business. They have done this through expansion beyond the original service territory into towns and communities that were underserved with fiber-to-the-home broadband.

In the above interview, United Fiber’s General Manager, Darren Farnan, discusses their growth and the positive benefits for existing electrical cooperative members as well as the formerly broadband-deficient customers they now serve.

Interview Highlights:

Finally, Farnan, compliments another cooperative, NCTC, on its shift to technology partnerships and how that will help United Fiber to continue to bring new services to rural Missouri.

ViodiTV coverage of TIS22 is courtesy of TIS22.

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