Strengthening Association-Industry-Academic Ties to Foster Innovation that Helps Everyone

As technologists literally reach for the stars with amazing new technologies, it is important that the fruits of their exciting breakthrough developments are available for everyone. At the same time, will developments reach their full potential, if only a select group makes the decisions for the rest of us? How can professional associations, academics, and industry work together to ensure the most good can be done for the greatest benefit possible?

Reaching across disciplines will be critical, as well as reaching out to the various communities impacted by new technologies. These are some of the questions addressed in this interactive ViodiTV real-time conversation with the cofounders of Locomation, a company that is bringing automation to the trucking industry, and Tom Coughlin, past IEEE-USA president, current IEEE President-Elect candidate, and storage expert and consultant.

[Check out this CES2019 ViodiTV interview with Locomation when it first publically announced its plans. Another good reference is this recent Freighways article which examines Locomation’s business model and compares and contrasts it to others trying to automate the trucking industry.]

Interview Highlights:

[Disclosure: Ken Pyle of Viodi has been volunteering on Tom’s campaign for IEEE President-Elect 2022. Coughlin’s comments in his Town Hall meetings about the importance of IEEE-Industry relations were the inspiration for this conversation.]

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