Augmented Reality & HUD in an Automobile World

The most practical application for augmented reality may be mobile; the old-fashion definition of mobile as being part of an automobile. In the above video, Maxime Sutra and Thibaut Aglioni of French company, Eyelights, demonstrate an add-on device that turns a smartphone and a windshield into a Heads Up Display so that a driver doesn’t have to take her eyes off the road to view directions, speed, and or see the name of a song.

Central to their product is a display that projects 4,000 NITS of light (that’s a lot of light, as the state-of-the-art, iPad Pro is specified at 600 NITS). What this means is a crystal-clear image projected on the driver’s field of view, even on an extremely sunny Silicon Valley day (such as when the above video was filmed).

As background, Eyelights got its start a few years ago with a crowd-sourced project that provides a HUD for motorcycle riders; a market where distraction can be even more deadly than in an automobile.

As part of the Eyelights for Car development, they created a gesture control device that allows one to use hand motions to control her phone. Using a combination of infrared and Bluetooth technologies, their device may be put in a place that is convenient for the driver, allowing hands-free control of the smartphone. And the cool thing about what they are offering is that one doesn’t need a new car, as their technology is backward compatible with most vehicles.

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