A Marriage of Marketing & Technology

One of the key takeaways from Calix’s 2019 ConneXions is the marriage of technology and marketing, according to Bernie Arnason, Principal with the Pivot Group. One might say this marriage has been formalized with Calix’s Go to Market Partner program, which Pivot Group is one of the certified partners.

From a technology perspective, it is the extraction of and the presentation of network data that allows marketers to understand the needs of their customers. In a sense, this allows what those in the world of physical products would call “mass customization”. That is, armed with data, partners like Pivot Group can create targeted campaigns that are more effective than shotgun approaches.

One early example of leveraging data with targeted marketing is Pivot Group’s work with Calix customer West Carolina Telephone Cooperative. By targeting customers with collateral focused on their specific needs, West Carolina Tel achieved a 6-7-fold increase in subscribers upgrading to a higher service tier, while reducing their marketing expenses by more than 50 percent (PDF).

Of course, the best way to brainstorm marketing ideas is to learn from peers and Pivot Group led a workshop, called the Marketer’s Summit at ConneXions. He describes this standing-room-only event as a great way to share best practices and looks forward to doing it again.

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