Creating a Culture of Integrity #Summit26

“It’s living your life the right way, so that others follow,” is how Patricia Boyers, president and CEO of Boycom Cablevision describes how one creates a culture of integrity. Although her comments are made in the context of creating a business that serves its customers and community, she is quick to point out that this philosophy is about personal and family relationships as well.

Boyers recounts that the lack of cable television to their rural home prompted the founding of their company some 30-years ago. Owning an underground construction company gave them the insight to create a cable company from scratch, but the technology and operations proved easy compared to the regulatory challenges.

The struggle to obtain a permit to run cable on an existing pole-line through the Mark Twain National Forest spurred her to become politically active. Her ongoing management of her community-based, 17-person company provides a unique perspective in Washington and was in evidence with her recent testimony to the House Energy & Commerce Committee Communications Subcommittee’s hearing on the STELAR Act.

John Eggerton wrote that Boyers, who is also Vice Chair of ACA Connects was, “arguably the star of the hearing for her down-home deliver(y) and small operator viewpoint,” which is especially impressive consider she was flanked by corporate executives and lobbyists.

It really should be no surprise that Boyers’ testimony would move people, as it is from personal experience of seeing the impact of national, one-size-fits-all policies on her neighbors, employees, and family. It’s obvious that Patty is living the culture of integrity she espouses by being the same person, whether she is testifying to the powers in D.C. or serving her employees Christmas dinner at her rural Missouri home.

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