Educating The Wannabe Cord Cutter #CES2019

Parks Associates reported in their December 2018 study that 13% of U.S. households have already fired their traditional pay television providers.
FlexVU aims to grow the number of cord-cutting households. As explained by Anselmo Pilla, Senior Director of Marketing of Pixelworks, FlexVU is an ad-hoc consortium of companies with a goal of educating consumers as to how to use over-the-top and over-the-air television services to create an effective substitute for the typical pay television line-up.

The group has assembled the entire ecosystem which includes members that supply integrated circuits, antennas, in-home distribution and streaming services, and set-top boxes. In some sense, it could be complementary to the non-profit LoCast, profiled in this excellent article by Steve Pastorkovich.

Stay tuned, as this group has just gotten started.

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