Feeding Indianapolis at #TIS17

The Christians in Communications (CIC) organized event at Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis was an appropriate bookend to the 2017 Independent Show 2017, TIS17. Mirroring the Hunt.Fish.Feed event that was held at the beginning of the conference, this service project also reflects the type of community support that NCTC and ACA members routinely provide in the communities they serve.

Rick Dickson, who coordinated this event for CIC, explains that Gleaners is a member of Feeding America. As is clear by its name, Feeding America is a national organization in scope with members located throughout the country. Unfortunately, the need for this type of organization is great everywhere and even in a food-rich state like Indiana, the statistics that Gleaners provides are sobering:

This is the third time CIC has participated in such an event and, thanks to volunteers like Rick and the other TIS17 attendees who participated, this tradition is sure to continue with future shows.

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