It’s All About the Information Economy #TIS17

“It is all about the information economy and we have got to make sure that everyone in this country has access to the Internet,” states Representative Susan Brooks (R-IN). Speaking at The Independent Show, Brooks describes the diverse nature of her district which ranges from rural to suburban to urban and covers eight Indiana counties. She lauds the independent operators that are keeping their communities competitive by building out broadband in the rural areas they serve.

As a new member of the House Communications and Technology subcommittee, Brooks thanks the independent operators at TIS and in her district for helping educate her about the hurdles to bringing broadband to rural America. She points out that continual investment in the underlying infrastructure is necessary. She calls for rolling back regulations that inhibit such investment. Brooks emphasizes the importance of an open Internet as a catalyst for innovation.

[Editor’s note: The fire alarm, heard in the background of the above interview, was false.]

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