The Gamification of Driving Insurance #CES2017

The gamification of driving insurance is one way to describe Liberty Mutual Insurance’s new apps. Intended as a way to provide rating of the actual driving habits of a prospective customer, Highway Hero does so by making a game of driving. With things like leaderboards and badge that allows one to compare metrics with other drivers, an important byproduct of the app is to help make better drivers.

They have a program called RightTrack, which allows existing customers to realize savings of up to 30% by proving that they are good drivers. This app uses a combination of a hardware beacon and smart phone app to provide individualized driving ratings, as opposed to methods that use the OBD2 port to identify only the car.

Lastly, Liberty Mutual’s Senior Director and AVP, Nicolas Grant, CPCU,  discusses a new program, ByMile, that uses a device that plugs into the cars OBD2 port to provide per mileage insurance. The ByMile program, which has Illinois as its initial market, allows one to pay only for what she needs. As discussed in the above interview, this type of offering could position Liberty Mutual to be account managers for state programs that measure and charge for vehicle miles traveled, such as the pilot California Road Charge program.

Grant also talks about the importance of protecting consumer privacy in a world where data moves out of the insurance company vaults and are continuously captured at the edge. These Liberty Mutual products are indicative of the bigger trend of how the Internet of Things is extending insurance beyond spreadsheets and into the real world.

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