From Dumb to Smart IoT Gas Cooktop

It is unsettling to be 50 miles from home and realize that you may have left on the gas stove-top.  This isn’t an irrational fear, as, according to the National Fire Protection Association, ranges or cooktops accounted for 62% of the 161,000 home structure fires from cooking equipment in the 2010-2014 period.

The founders of inirv saw this as an opportunity and created a device that detects the presence of gas and communicates to replacement knobs can, remotely via an app, turn off the range or cooktop. It also operates without an app some intelligence, so that if the gas is on but no movement is detected after a certain amount of time, it will automatically turn-off the gas.

Akshita Iyer, Chief Operating Officer inivr, explains that, even though this is in the early stages of a very successful crowd-funding campaign, they have already had conversations with insurance companies to co-market their product. This product, which is expected to ship later in December, 2017, is an another example of how connected devices can help prevent accidents.

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