The Power and Force of Today – 2017 MTA Annual Convention

If last night’s kick-off reception is an indication, this year’s Minnesota Telecom Alliance’s Annual Convention and Conference is off to a great start. In the above interview, MTA’s president and CEO, Brent Christensen provides a preview of the event that is taking place today and tomorrow. He hints at some of the changes on the exhibit floor, that include some changes to drive even more traffic to the floor and it has resulted in more sponsors than ever and new exhibitors. He explains that the trade show floor is a good education tool for legislators who are rural telecom neophytes.

He discusses how the theme of the show matches their members’ efforts to extend broadband to furthest reaches in Minnesota. He touches upon the importance of continuing the broadband grants and leveraging those with federal and private investment. He indicates that the FCC needs to fully fund CAF/Rate of Return companies to complement the state and local investments.

He points to their continued effort and progress for a sales tax exemption (HR 1250) for purchases of, wire, cable, fiber, poles, or conduit for telecommunications services.  Currently, grant recipients essentially have to return the sales tax portion of their capital expenditures for the aforementioned items.

Note: this video was to be featured on channel 65 of the Hyatt channel on Tuesday/Wednesday, but a bonehead mistake by this author means it is online only. For those at the hotel, check out channel 65 for highlights from Viodi coverage of various industry events and broadband operators.

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