IoG – Internet of Gardens or Data Science for the Micro Farm

“It really comes down to recipes,” said Vince Kimura, co-founder and CEO of Smart Yields. He was referring to the idea that the needs of a crop are different and are location dependent. The goal of Smart Yields is to help farmers understand what they should plant and how to take care of it to most efficiently maximize yield, while reducing externalities (e.g. over fertilizing).

Their target is what he calls “Yardeners” or lifestyle farmers, which are literally people with a backyard garden. Smart Yields offers a subscription model for what is essentially a middleware solution that works with a multitude of off-the-shelf sensors to monitor things like soil moisture, PH levels and temperature and provides the farmer or gardener with a row-by-row plan for tending her crops.

Kimura suggests the 570 Million small farms worldwide represent their target market. Kimura’s goal is to change the world by helping people feed themselves through small agriculture.

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