Almost Autonomous Luggage and More #CES16

Luggage that follows its owner via a virtual, Bluetooth leash is what NUA debuted at International CES 2016. Nua CTO and cofounder, Liat Ackerman, likens it to a trained dog, as this luggage stays near its owner and has obstacle avoidance technology (i.e. computervision) to prevent it from running into people and/or other obstacles. When the batteries run out of juice, they recharge by simply pulling it like regular luggage.

More than just luggage, the built-in batteries, allows one to charge her smart phone while on the go. Although still a prototype and most likely to find its way into well-known brands in a year or so, Ackerman suggests that the underlying technology approach has other applications, including shopping carts. Eventually, it might even have autonomous features, allowing one to have a physical presense via a robotic device that is even better than a trained dog.

[Note, we have repeatedly attempted to contact NUA prior to publishing this video, but have not heard from them, as of 10/19/16]

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