The Industrial World of Things

“The industrial world is really where a lot of the Internet of Things is happening,” says Chris Rittler, CEO of ABB Wireless. ABB Wireless is part of the Zurich-based, ABB group, which is a supplier to the industries ranging from construction to manufacturing to utilities. In the above interview, filmed at Internet of Things World conference, Rittler explains how connectivity is turning passive devices into intelligent endpoints, simultaneously improving efficiency and reliability.

He touches upon the concept that the power system is evolving from centralized to distributed; essentially going from one-way to a two-way network, similar in some ways to how the telecommunications networks are evolving. Rittler, thinks there are opportunities for telecom operators with their industrial customers. The key to finding those opportunities is being to able to understand and create solutions that meet their industrial customers’ needs.

To read more about various ways Communications Service Providers can participate in the Internet of Things, please check out Alan Weissberger’s article at

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  1. Guru Wigi Avatar
    Guru Wigi

    How to talk for a long time without saying anything of value… ABB’s true IOT innovation offering isn’t going to come from throwing up some WiFi Routers and expecting Industrials to come a runnnin’.. who dont want to pay big bucks for high bandwidth infrastructure that carries Mbits of traffic to connect sensors and actuators that need only bits! .. ..just another example of a “CEO” trying to justify his salary to his board…

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