The Meditation App & Headband

With the buzzing of text message alerts, the temptation to check social media and the knowledge that an answer to a fleeting thought is a search away, the conventional wisdom is that technology can be distracting and an impediment to focus. Ariel Garten has a solution that uses these same tools to help people improve their focus. Her company, InterAxon, marries their proprietary brain sensing headband, MUSE, with a smartphone app and a relaxing soundtrack (e.g. sounds of a rainforest) to facilitate meditation.

In the above video, this author gave it a go and, despite being in the crowded and noisy Pepcom Holiday Spectacular exhibit floor, at times it seemed like I had been transported to a tropical rain forest. Studying the results of my two or three minutes meditating, Garten pointed out where I appeared distracted. As is hinted at in the above video, the MUSE app is gamified to encourage people to use it and form the habit of meditating.

At $299, it’s not a casual app-store purchase, but if regular use promotes a more productive, focused and happy self, then it could prove to be a valuable addition to one’s smart device accessory collection.

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