The Mid-Mile Meet Me Point In Action

“For the most part, they were all islands,” is how Hunter Newby, Allied Fiber CEO, describes the rural broadband networks that are now using Allied Fiber’s distributed meet-me points to effectively lower the cost of mid-mile access. The continually expanding Allied Fiber network currently stretches from Florida to Georgia with meet-me points every 60 miles.

He emphasizes that the carrier neutral meet-me approach is the best way to ensure network neutrality, as carriers are free to connect and peer with whomever they want. He uses Georgia Transmission Corporation as an example of regional network of networks that has improved access to the Internet by connecting into Allied Fiber’s meet-me room.

Their continued progress is evident, as in the week since the above interview, Allied Fiber announced an IRU (Indefeasible Rights of Use) agreement with, Planters Telecommunications LLC, a subsidiary of Planters Telephone. Planters Telecommunications will use Allied Fiber’s dark fiber network to expand their service into areas they would otherwise not be able to serve, as well as provide another fiber route to major cities like Atlanta and Jacksonville.

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