Everyone’s a Sure-Shot with a Linux-Based Rifle

Giving a novice the ability to shoot a bullet through a pizza pan-sized object from a mile out is what John McHale, Chairman of TrackingPoint, says his company’s rifle can do. What he describes is really a Linux computer that includes a rifle. According to McHale, the rifle accounts for 23 ballistic variables to direct the bullet to its intended target.

Like any computer, it has multiple inputs, including the ability to communicate, via an app, with Recon glasses that allow one to see around corners or trees or whatever the object may be. They can “tag” the target to track it as it moves. Further, it has a WiFi connection that allows communications via external networks (e.g. LTE) of metadata and video from the on board camera.

This ability to communicate video and audio, allows one at home to be able to share their hunting experience with friends and family in what TrackingPoint calls “connected hunting”. On the website, they tout 9 other applications, or as they call them, missions, including collaborative hunting where friends are able to take advantage of the communications ability of the rifles to improve their ability to track game.  McHale says he could make even this author a sharpshooter with this weapon and after viewing this video from their website, I believe him.

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