The Service Provider Flop

Using the high-jump and the initially unorthodox Fosbury Flop from the 1968 Olympics as a metaphor, Calix’s David Seda, the keynote speaker at the 2015 IP Possibilities Conference, suggested that it is time for the Service Provider Flop. That is, service providers must go from a network-centric way of looking at things to “Subscriber In”. This customer-centric view of things implies several things:

He suggested changing the way things are done will not be easy, but with perseverance and practice, “New approaches will yield break-through performances.”

[Note: Seda’s presentation was one of the most talked about presentations at the 2015 IP Possibilities Conference. Having heard Seda speak before, he always does an amazing job of telling a story and relating it to some practical advice for operators.]

Coverage of the 2015 IP Possibilities made possible by NTCA.

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