Moving the Cheese to a Smart Rural Community

Who moved the cheese? It was Cabot Cheese as they recently moved their administration and marketing office to the service territory of Waitsfield Champlain Vermont Telephone. WCVT’s fiber infrastructure was a key element for Cabot Cheese’ move to Waitsfield, VT. Similar to many rural operators, Cabot Cheese is a cooperative consisting 1,200 family farms in New York and New England with dairy facilities in multiple states.

As Kurt Gruendling explains, the relocation of Cabot Cheese to Waitsfield was one of the reasons NTCA bestowed upon WCVT a 2014 Smart Rural Community Showcase Award. Gruendling describes other initiatives, such as bringing bandwidth and technical know-how to local schools and businesses, were a factor in this prestigious distinction. Viodi saw the great work that WCVT is doing to help make its community competitive on the world stage, as documented in this video we produced for Calix.

This video provides even more background about what makes WCVT and the community they serve special.

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