Budgeting and Accounting Are Cool

The rolling budget as a way to help an organization be more nimble and react to changing times is discussed in the above interview with Camille Christiansen and Ira Taylor of Moss Adams. They had just given a very interactive presentation at the 2014 NTCA Finance and Accounting meeting on the importance of and techniques for effective budgeting.

And the importance of being nimble and being able to react to market conditions is going to become even more critical as the future is clouded with an uncertain revenue streams. Christensen and Taylor polled attendees regarding the revenue outlook over the next 10 years and 81% expect their organizations to face a decline, with 59% pegging the decline between $0 to $2.5M and 22% suggesting it will be greater than $2.5M.

They also talk about prioritizing the big picture details and not getting lost in the detail. They point out that selection of which metrics to follow is critical in assessing whether a company is meeting its objectives.

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