The Name Says It All #Summit21

CBO (Community Broadband Operator) might be a better term to describe operators traditionally described as CATV (Community Antenna TeleVision). The vision of Steve Weed, CEO of Wave Broadband, and his team has become reality as they now have more broadband customers than video subscribers. With that context, he looks forward to the day, in the not-too-distance future, when a new form of Over-the-Top video provider – a virtual MSOs (Multichannel System Operators) – ride over Wave Broadband pipes, giving consumers more choice in video packages and bringing more value to the broadband connection.

Weed recognizes that the value his company provides is the reliable, high-speed Internet Protocol pipe, coupled with applications and service that makes technology convenient for the customer. He suggests that services such as whole home DVR, WiFi and home automation are some of the services that augment the broadband pipe and where a local touch adds value that far-off companies cannot replicate.

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