Sustainable Community Through Broadband

Community leaders from Olds, Alberta describe their vision to ensure that their community remains relevant to its local institutions and people. The process took a several years and succeeded because various local institutions decided broadband was a priority and working together was the only way to make it happen.

Lance Douglas, CEO of O-Net, describes the Fiber to the Home network they built as a giant community LAN; a gigabit network where a resident may, as Douglass said, “Store, secure and share your life.”

For less than US $90 per month, one can receive 1 gigabit downstream/upstream service, with bundling options of voice and video that reduce the cost of this broadband service. Douglas describes how the network has allowed them to retain businesses. Additionally, other local institutions have used the network in ways that hadn’t necessarily been envisioned.

Finally, Douglas touches upon the Broadband Communities’ Broadband Primer and how this tool helps them educate prospects about the value of an all-fiber network.

Images and photos courtesy of Calix, Inc.

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  1. Ken Pyle Avatar
    Ken Pyle

    How many times have you wished that you had a camera or audio when someone said something profound? In the above video, I had the camera, but the audio wasn’t the ideal as we were capturing b-roll.

    So, please ignore the quality of the audio and focus on the message about how sometimes communities need to work together to make sure their needs are met and that the overall community remains relevant; in the end, it is the people who live in the community who determine whether it thrives or slides into an abyss.

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