The Inside Scoop on Intel Inside and Other Intel Marketing Successes – Part 11

Weissberger invites Dave to share his long time, working relationship with Andy Grove.  When Dave first met Andy, the latter felt that “marketing was a waste of time and sales was a waste of energy.”  But once Grove became CEO, he broadened his view and ideas about marketing. Dave describes a 1984 IBM industry event he participated to commemorate the launch of the PC-AT.  Grove was adamant in demanding that Intel’s 286 microprocessor was in the PC-AT.  That sparked various marketing campaigns within Intel, starting with “Red X’ and culminating with “Intel Inside.”  A huge triumph for Dave was getting IBM (and other PC OEM customers) to accept $$$ checks from Intel – to be used to advertise that Intel microprocessors were “Inside” their PCs!

[Description by Alan Weissberger]

The above video was captured at the IEEE-CNSV October 1st panel, Intel’s Transition to Success: From Memory to the Microprocessor. For the full description, click here.