From Video to Broadband – Regulations Need to Catch Up

“Our members are moving from being cable video companies to broadband Internet companies,” said Matt Polka president and CEO of the American Cable Association (ACA). He was reflecting upon the how the business has shifted from video to broadband-centric services. His concern is that ACA members also need to have access to the same technology, on display at the 2013 Cable Show, afforded to the larger providers. Polka points out how his members maximize the use of their resources, as they make up for their relatively small size with nimbleness and resourcefulness.

The Satellite Television Law, which has to be reviewed by the end of 2014, points to an opportunity to update the 20+ year old cable act. He suggests that the 1992 cable act should be also reviewed/updated regularly, just like the Satellite Television Law, as the marketplace has changed from video to broadband.

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