From Capture to Screen & Everything in Between

“Delivering Television, particularly live television, to non-traditional screens is extraordinarily complex, said MobiTV’s CSO, Rick Herman. Herman discusses the challenges of delivering television to multiple screens in the above interview. Cedric Fernandes, MobiTV CTO, joins in and describes what they are doing as an open IPTV platform; one where content could flow over a managed or unmanaged (e.g., OTT) networks.

At NAB, MobiTV announced a deal with Marvell, that integrates their clients and proprietary DRM at the chipset level. He talks about the importance of using the cloud to simplify the client (e.g. putting the DVR in the cloud) as well creating a common experience across screens. As part of that, they talk about the development of second screen devices as part of the interactive experience and how second screens will allow precise content and advertising targeting.