A Sweet Video

Sometimes the jewels in the heartland are so obvious, that they are easily overlooked. About a year ago, we stumbled upon a business that is happy to stay in the background, making its customers happy. And with fun food packaged under others’ labels, as well as its own labels, KLN Family Brands makes people happy.

Our assignment was to shoot a 15-second or so testimonial from the IT manager for a factory that had received a direct fiber feed and IT services from the local service provider, Arvig. What we found was a bigger story in the form of a factory and company that prompted visions of Willy Wonka (sans the Oompa Loompas).

Although this is a fun place, as evidenced by this author’s giddiness in their company store, it is an organization that is serious about offering quality products, while exhibiting a strong commitment to its community. With over 1,100 employees working at its headquarters and factories, they are a significant presence in the rural area surrounding Perham, Minnesota.

It is clear that KLN Family Brands reinvests to make sure they remain competitive. An example of this investment is their state-of-the-art communications system, which, coupled with the service provider’s fiber to the building network, makes their various factories look like one big facility. One gets the sense that this sort of investment not only makes for robust business but helps the vibrancy of the great Perham community.

Author’s Note: Thank you KLN Family Brands for loading us up with sweets and more for our respective trips back to CA and WI.

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