Getting to More Screens

“Getting to more screens; you would think it is going to simpler with time, and it’s not. It turns out be harder and more complicated than ever,” said Marty Roberts in the above interview filmed at TelcoTV 2012. He calls this an exciting time because of the growth in the number and types of devices and the resulting demand from consumers wanting to watch video on those devices.

He points out that multiscreen is allowing operators to be operators in new ways by offering new packaging opportunities. He indicates the key to a successful business model for operators, content owners and advertisers is to focus on the customer experience. The opportunity for all three of these players is to engage viewers with 2nd screen content, such as metadata about the show (e.g., the name of the song that is playing).

Roberts suggests that video commerce is an emerging opportunity and being able to move content into and out of various windows with different monetization options (such as being able to purchase the aforementioned song). He talks about their relationship with Alcatel-Lucent and, by extension, Microsoft and the ability to extend IPTV to multiple screens. As he puts it, we are still in the early innings of the multi-screen game.