Days of the Fiber Future Are Past

Congratulations to Diane Kruse of NEO fiber for her appointment as the chairperson for the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit. Kruse is well qualified for this role, as she was chairperson of the FTTH Council and has formed several start-ups associated with and been involved in multiple fiber deployments. ViodiTV has covered the BBC Summit for Broadband Communities since 2010 and in that year we caught up with Ms. Kruse and filmed the above interview.In that interview, she discusses the federal government stimulus and the fears some had surrounding the stimulus. She also discusses the Google fiber project which, at that point, was still a contest to see which community would be the winner. It truly is amazing that only two years later the first Google fiber customers are being activated, as this type of outside plant project often gets way-laid by non-technological considerations.

Looking at this interview from a perspective of two and one-half years later is interesting, as the fiber future has definitely become the present.


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