The Video Generation

Revision3 has demonstrated what the next generation TV network looks like for several years now and its success led to its recent acquisition by Discovery Communications. Revision3 is a complement to Discovery programming and there is even some cross-pollination between the programming of the two networks (think Shark Week meets tech, gaming and entertainment).

In this interview, filmed at TV NEXT 2012, Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback provides insight that is useful to anyone who is producing local content. Similar to a local content producer, Revision3 has found that authenticity has been a key to Revision3’s programming success. Louderback points out that they create a relationship between the on-air personalities and the viewers.

Louderback also explains that the younger generation has a way of learning that is different from most adults, who typically learn through reading. As former Editor in Chief of PC Magazine, Louderback certainly understands the power of the written word, but he points out, through a personal anecdote, that children now view video as the way to learn.

One implication of Louderback’s comments is that the importance of video will continue to grow, as the younger generations age. This shift to a video-centric world will have a profound impact on the network, as instead of thinking of multi-streams per home, service providers will have to think in terms of multi-streams per person.