3M Connectivity Points in 18 Months in Ohio

Connecting the rest of Ohio with broadband is the goal of Agile Networks. In this interview at the TIA 2012, Agile Networks’ CTO Kyle Quillen explains how they will be using a hybrid network of fiber and wireless to bring broadband to both the unserved and served areas of Ohio.  The roots of this project started several years ago with work Agile Networks did in conjunction with Coshocton County’s efforts to further broadband in its region.

This network is looking beyond the human touch point, however,  as Quillen makes the subtle, but important point, that  their objective is to get to 3 million connectivity points within 18 months.  The implication is that many of the points of connectivity reach beyond residential, business and anchor institutions and move into the realm of machine-to-machine communication.

One such application, not mentioned in the above video interview, is the remote monitoring of oil and gas wells, which require high definition surveillance cameras and other sensing for safety and security monitoring.  Given that these wells tend of to be in rural areas, away from a wired infrastructure, a hybrid fiber/wireless network offers the potential for a faster deployment than the alternative of a 100% wired infrastructure.  Appropriately, Chesapeake Energy, will be on hand for this morning’s announcement.

The network will be open access and use state towers currently used for broadcasting emergency signals, which is a key element to meeting Quillen’s projection of an 18 month build cycle.  The support of leaders in Ohio leadership is another important piece of the puzzle, as touched upon in this article about the Ohio job czar.  With its understanding of where broadband is needed, Connect Ohio played an important role in bringing the various parties together that will make Quillen’s vision of a statewide network a reality.

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