Discovery and Learning in Silicon Valley

“Learning is the process of discovering and exploring,” says former student and ClassConnect founder, Eric Simons.  Simons talks about the importance of putting rich (e.g. video, audio, interactivity) content into the hands of students to engage them in the learning process.  His company, ClassConnect, has content curation and creation tools that fit into a teacher’s workflow, bringing content from multiple sources into the learning environment.

At 20 years old, Simons is not too far removed from the K-12 elementary system and brings that experience to create a fresh approach to the business of learning.  With a focus on creating a world-changing product, this Illinois native exhibits the classic passion of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.   It was an honor to meet him at the Media Innovation Summit last December, as it is clear he is on a mission to improve our education system and help teachers be more effective.

Like the many Silicon Valley trailblazers he follows, some famous, like Hewlett and Packard and, some not so famous, he is placing the execution of his vision ahead of personal comfort and doing some creative things to turn his idea into reality (think living in an office building to avoid rent).  His drive and his story, as told so well in the front-page article of the San José Mercury, is what continues to make Silicon Valley a unique place of discovery and excitement.