Powering Telecom Progress

Power is a critical element to a reliable communications network. This may be even more so in rural areas, compared to urban areas, as the economics of a rural build don’t support multiple last mile networks and the physics of a rural area often don’t allow wireless communications. Nowhere is this more evident than at Volcano Communications, which has a service territory that ranges from the foothills made famous by the California gold rush to the spine of the Sierra Nevada.

Several months ago, I chronicled how the Volcano telecom network was the only outside link my elderly parents had when they were snowed in for a week and without that network, who knows what would have happened to them. In this video interview, we talk to John Lundgren, VP of Engineering of Volcano Communications, who explains their approach that created a power system that is more reliable than the traditional power grid.

This power design is integral to Volcano’s long-term plan they have had since the 1990s to distribute electronics further into the network and bring fiber closer to the customer; creating a more reliable and more robust network.

This video made possible by Calix, Inc.

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  1. Emmett Smith Avatar

    Much to a Conservative like me’s dismay and perhaps the last good thing that the government did for this country was the establishment of the RUS. This, of course, in a large part, allowed us to get utility power and telecommunications established across the country which, in turn, led mostly to the rapid development and advancement of the country and allowed us to catch and pass countries that were thousands of years older. Add to that the capabilities of a thousand smartly run and dedicated companies like Volcano Telephone and it was a recipe for success. Even us Conservatives wish the guys who did this would come back.

  2. Ken Avatar

    Thanks Emmett.

    Having known many of the folks at Volcano Communications for many years, I am lucky to have gotten a glimpse of the many things they do for their community. Besides being a large and very critical employer in the community, their network enables others to work at jobs, both remote and local, that otherwise would not be possible.

    Beyond that, they are great supporters of the community; from supporting parks and community centers to the local youth sports program, they have an impact in their service area that goes beyond telecom. I am continually amazed by the breadth and depth of the knowledge of those who are employed by Volcano Communications.

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