Benchmarking Learning

For decades, technology has held the promise of improving the education system. What makes it different this time? Clearly, low-cost broadband and portable computing devices that are easy to use are catalysts for a change in teaching. There is also a mindset change that needs to occur as well, particularly in the form of policies that reflect new ways of learning.

In this interview, Michael Horn of the Silicon Valley-based, Innosight Institute, talks about the shift in education from a factory-based model to one that is student-centric. Citing their research, he suggests that by 2019 50% of all high school classes will be available online. He talks about how blended learning has started in the places where one would least expect it; rural and inner city areas, while suburban schools tend to be the laggards.

[note:  Viodi is helping to organize the Window on Youth Symposium at the Media Innovation Summit in Santa Clara on December 1st.  This is one in a series of videos that looks at the convergence of broadband and technology with the education field.]

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