Dave Lowe with an IP Possibilities’ Summary

Dave Lowe, Innovations and Technology Manager with NTCA, provides an overview of some of the highlights of IP Possibilities 2011,

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  1. Ken Avatar

    Good interview, Roger.  You are amazing, as you can be both behind and in front of the camera at the same time.  Thanks for covering for me, while I was goofing off.  

    Great summary, Dave.  I think you are right, the IP Realities would more accurately reflect the conference. Thanks for the support of ViodiTV and kudos to you and your colleagues for a job well done.  

    There are so many back stories that aren't necessarily captured in the sessions.  Don't get me wrong, the sessions are great.  There is so much value in networking and sharing ideas with peers that can really only happen face-to-face.  There were several interesting things I learned from operators on the floor.  Actually, it is sort of frustrating, as we had a couple of great video interviews that we couldn't quite get coordinated.  

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