100 Years with WSTA

The Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association (WSTA) celebrated their 100th year at the annual convention in Lake Geneva this summer. The opening video in this player provides an overview of the conference including the kick-off, 100 year documentary, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, exhibit interviews, new officers, and awards. The playlist of video’s includes full interviews and past event coverage.

The 100 year documentary traces the first phones in Wisconsin (1877 with business to home), to the first switchboards (1878), the expansion of phone companies as the Bell patent expired (1893), the formation of the WSTA (1910), rubbernecking, social networks, and advanced telecom services that started as community based and continue as community based businesses – contact WSTA for a copy.

ViodiTV at the WSTA 100 Year Annual Convention was sponsored by CP Technologies and Solarus with additional support from HEM Productions.

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