The Broadband BBQ – Only in Silicon Valley

Two-thousand and nine (2009) was what I call my summer of winning, as my family won several raffles and contests. The Sandisk 60 Second Summer Mobile Video Contest was especially productive for me. This may have been because I submitted so many videos as compared to the total number of entries. Although I did not win the big prize for FRED, I did win a couple of memory cards. The one video I did not submit, because it was 23 seconds too long, was the one I took during a dinner party, one balmy, perfect California summer evening.

Only in Silicon Valley would one find a BBQ connected to the Internet. In this video, my friend Jon Linthacum provides viewers with a brief tutorial of his electronically controlled BBQ that is connected to the World Wide Web via WiFi. Yes, there is an app for that, as he even figured out how to monitor the BBQ from his iPhone. I wonder if the broadband barbeque could justify a stimulus grant?

Despite my ribbing him about his techno-geekness, I couldn’t say enough good things about the pulled-pork he made that evening. Thanks Jon for showing me another use for broadband (and thanks for the great meal)!  

Note, the above video was shot with a G1 Anroid-powered phone.