Bagel Walk Victory

[A big thank you to Roger Bindl of Bindl Productions for memorializing that very important victory with the above video!]

ViodiTV @ WSTA brought to you by  Solarus… Solarus Logo.

Foot power is a form of transportation I haven’t used nearly enough in the past few months. So, I jumped at the chance to join in the Bagel Walk at the WSTA Convention last week. Actually, I didn’t jump, as it was a 6:30 AM start. The real motivation was guilt, as Roger was going to film the event for ViodiTV and I figured I better go with him in the name of teamwork; little did I know that I would become part of the story.

Unlike many of the roads, I have been traveling on lately, the Bagel Walk had no destination other than the starting line. The objective is to predict how long it will take to complete the course and the one closest to win the prize. It is a race that anyone can win, regardless of physical ability. I would like to say that knowing one’s self is the key to success, but my Bagel Walk victory is due to the sage advice and similar pace of the Iversons of Amery Telephone.

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