The Surface Computer – Just Scratching the Surface?

[10/26/2012 update: The above video was published on June 4, 2007, about 3 weeks before the release of the first iPhone. This video combined various news release footage from Microsoft to describe a table-size device Microsoft called Surface. It also made fun of the potential implications of new technology by looking back to get a glimpse of what the future might look like. In retrospect, Microsoft was probably trying to take away the thunder of the then impending release of the iPhone. The rest of the text described the video].

Text from 6/4/2007

Microsoft’s announcement of their Surface computer last week caused a bit of buzz. Reading about it just touches the surface of the things it can do. This is one case, where video is much more powerful than the written word. The Surface computer, when combined with Microsoft’s robotic vision could lead to a revolution bigger than the PC. Watch this video to get a glimpse of this vision.

[Editor’s Note: The following text and player below reference the video host Revver, which was where the above video was originally hosted. Revver ceased to operate in 2011.]

At the end of the video, there may be an entertaining commercial (you will need to click the photo that appears at the end of the video). This commercial is inserted by Revver and the first two I have watched have been from Microsoft. Revver apparently inserted the commercials based on the content of the video.



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