Moody Blues Rock San Jose

Moody Blues in Las Vegas, February 2007 (Image Courtesy of GSG Entertainment & the Moody Blues)
Moody Blues in Las Vegas, February 2007 (Image Courtesy of GSG Entertainment & the Moody Blues)

The Moody Blues are all about the music. There is very little banter; just a progression of hits from the past 4 decades. With so many crowd favorites, the line-up doesn’t vary much from concert to concert – all the big ones are there, Nights in White Satin, Tuesday Afternoon, Ride My See Saw, Question, The Other Side of Life – those are staples that are expected. The treats are those songs that are pulled off the dusty shelf and played again for the first time in concert in years or maybe ever.

At the San Jose Center for Performing Arts, I had the chance to hear Never Comes the Day, One More Time to Live, Are You Sitting Comfortably, and December Snow for the first time in concert. Images of the band through the decades flashed on the screen behind the band. I enjoyed these images but found the music videos that occasionally played to be a bit distracting. Interestingly, my friends, who had never been to a Moody Blues concert, liked the music videos as it gave them a reference from those days of future passed.

The band is still fun and it’s great to see Graeme Edge come out from behind the drums for Higher and Higher. He truly looks like he is having a great time and appreciating the fact that he can still dance and move around like he is 15. Again, these singers in a Rock and Roll band go out and put on a great performance. No fancy stage show and no multi-million dollar corporate sponsorship; they appear to be happy connecting in person with their fans and their music.

It was comforting to end the concert with John Lodge’s trademark wish that the fans, “keep the faith”. We will.

By Ken Pyle – ken dot pyle at viodi dot com

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