But Everyone Loves A Parade:

One of the points of Viodi’s local content workshop is that creativity is not limited to certain locales, such as Hollywood and New York, or to the youth. To prove my point, I look no further than to my brother-in-law’s father, Ed Batinich. Ed, who is a spry 83 years young, exhibits the same sort of creativity today that he exhibited as a young heroic B-17 pilot over the skies of Germany in World War II. Back then, he fashioned scrap metal into a seat cover to, literally, protect his bum and augment the poor armor protection of the bottom of the B-17.

Using that same sort of ingenuity, he turned a bland golf cart into an award-winning parade float for the Fourth of July festivities at his retirement community. He amazes me with his ability to turn “junk” into something useful and, in this case, artistic. Actually, the other 50 or so floats in the parade were also pretty impressive. What amazes me is that a community of 4,000 plus people could hold such a big parade. The point being that, even in small communities, there is a great deal of talent from which independent telcos can draw upon to create unique local content offerings.

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