Thin Film Magnetic Recording

Thin Film Memories

The low-cost cloud applications we enjoy today would not be possible if not for the low-cost hard-drive. This series of videos provides a glimpse of the challenges and the cleverness of the folks who developed the technology in the 70s and 80s that laid part of the foundation for today’s innovations.

These video segments were filmed at the inaugural meeting of the IEEE Silicon Valley Technology History Committee (co-sponsored by IEEE Magnetics Society of SCV), held on 11/12/13. Moderated by IEEE Region 6 Director Elect Tom Coughlin, panelists included the founder of Komag along with other hard disk drive industry participants who were Santa Clara Valley magnetic recording pioneers.

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I have a thin film memory…and it is getting thinner every day. Oops sorry! …and you can go ahead and slap me Ken! Keep up the good work!

Ha, ha, Bill. I wish I would have thought of that one. But my memory is of the thick variety (or maybe that is the denseness of the material in my melon). Thanks for viewing.


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