The Jet Set VOD Service

Video on Demand has always been a difficult, if not impossible business for the middleman; the organization that sits between the content owners and the consumer. By focusing on a small, but very high-end niche, PRIMA Cinema is a middleman that has assembled all the elements to create an over-the-top Video On Demand (VOD) service that promises it long-term success, while serving its members and creating new revenue for the content owners.

From content encoding and encryption to its proprietary, finger-print enabled set-top, PRIMA Cinema ensures a secure path for the high-value, theatrical release content it serves its members.

With a $500/title rental cost, the target customer for PRIMA Cinema’s service are those people with high-end, home theater systems (e.g. people who own a jet). Although the number of people who can afford such a system is relatively small, the dollar size of this market could reach into the hundreds of millions and, effectively, represents new-found money for the studios.