A “Jinni” to Find “I Dream of Jeannie” and more

The shortcomings of the traditional television grid guide is what drove Yosi Glick’s push to find a better way for people to discover content. Jinni’s approach uses algorithms to extract meaning from the synopsis of television shows. With 2,200 tags, their genome approach creates a user-centric guide.

As such, they are looking to provide content recommendations, regardless of whether the content is television, movies, books or music and whether the play out device is via broadband, mobile or the TV. Some of their customers include X-Box, New York Times, Best Buy and a couple of cable television systems.

Glick is passionate about the topic of matching the right content to the right person at the right time; so passionate that he wrote a book, Super Search Me, on the topic. It tells of his quest, through his start-up Jinni, to help people find the content they want, even when they aren’t certain what it is they want to watch, listen or read.

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