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Wireless Beyond Naming Rights

“We are recognizing that some type of wireless solution has to be part of our overall strategy,” explains ImOn Communications President & CEO Patrice Carroll. She goes on to say that fiber and wireless are complementary and in some extremely rural areas wireless is the only economically viable way to provide broadband service. Wireless, in […]

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Cell Sites, Solar & Super Capacitors – Off-Grid for 5G & More

“The electrical load of the site has tripled, if not quadrupled,” due to the advent of 5G radio components according to CICUSA CEO, Marty Snyder. As he explains in the above interview, this means that his team needed to increase the photovoltaic (PV) solar panel array on an existing cell site to 15 kiloWatts to […]

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To Shared Spectrum and Beyond

“This commission has moved a staggering amount of spectrum and really, kind of rezoned if you will, the EM (Electromagnetic) spectrum for the next couple of decades worth of applications,” stated Chuck Lukaszewski, Aruba/HPE.  Speaking as part of a virtual panel, Lukaszewski expressed his appreciation for the FCC’s bipartisan work in this endeavor and how […]

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To Fiber or To Filter, That Is the Question

“To fiber or to filter” is the decision that operators will have to make later this year, according to Ross Lieberman, Senior Vice President of Regulatory for ACA Connects. Speaking at NCTC’s WEC 2020, Lieberman was referring to one of the choices that operators will have to make as they participate in the FCC’s plan […]

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A Holistic Power View of 5G

Could the billions and billions of devices IoT promised by the rollout of 5G have an unintended impact of destabilizing or even taking down the grid? That was a question that bothered Brian Zahnstecher last year. Zahnstecher, Principal at PowerRox is well-positioned to answer this question, as he and his firm consult on power electronics […]

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How Can You Make Video Relevant? #TIS18

  “How can you make video relevant,” asks Tom Whitaker Senior Vice President of Shentel. He answers his own question by suggesting that operators need to find different ways to add value to the video product, including having features like whole home Wi-Fi and whole home access to video content. Whitaker brings his take on […]

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Satellite Texting Without a Subscription #CES2019

The ability to send an emergency text with GPS location information is what Higher Ground offers with its SatPaq™ and SpaceLinq™ app. By using Geosynchronous satellites and a clever radio design and app, Higher Ground’s solution could literally be a lifesaver for anyone in an emergency where there is no telecommunications network. Best of all, […]

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A Forum for Broadband and More

Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer for the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab, provides an overview of the Broadband Forum’s October 27th, 2018 BASe event.   The event covered all types of next generation access, whether wired (e.g. NGPON2) or wireless (e.g. 5G), as well as access within the home. Lavoie, who is also Technical Committee Chair of the […]

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The Grassroots Emergency Communications Network

[Note: on 9/29/18, the title of this article was changed from “The Grassroots Emergency Alert Network” to “The Grassroots Emergency Communications Network”] Calling it a “people-powered, bottoms-up, approach,” for creating a wireless emergency alert network, goTenna co-founder and CEO, Daniela Perdomo, describes how their latest device allows anyone with a smartphone to create a node […]

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Rural Pole Attachments Uncertainty Impacts Broadband Rollout #TIS17

“How do you bid on getting some of the CAF money not knowing how much it is going to cost you to get the network,” said Earle MacKenzie, the now-retired CEO of Shentel? Speaking at the 2017 Independent Show, MacKenzie was referring to the challenges of navigating multiple rules and, in some cases, cost-prohibitive pole […]

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