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The Blockchain Home Surveillance Camera #CES2020

At CES2020, IoTex built on its CES2019 debut with a home surveillance camera produced in partnership with Tenvis. IoTex’s open-source blockchain technology secures the privacy of the end-user so that Tenvis or IoTex can’t see their customers’ personal information and video streams. The camera specifications are especially impressive for a $49 device. According to this […]

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From Connected Smart City to Smart Region

The promise of remote sensors, always-on connections and artificial intelligence-powered decision-making promises to create what might be called the smart city on the hill. Getting to that utopia will not be easy, as city policy makers must address many questions on things such as business models, standards, technology obsolescence and citizen privacy. The biggest challenge may be what […]

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Managing Risk for New Services #Summit21

“Once you are given the responsibility to protect and manage [somebody’s else’s data]…you need to make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to protect your customers and your clients,” says Stephen Gorman of The Hartford in the above interview. Gorman was referring to the idea that service providers need to account for the security […]

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SOC It to Me – Building a Culture of Ethics, Accountability & Quality

SOC-2 (Service Organization Control) compliance is a must-have for certain clients of data centers, as pointed out in the above interview with Brian Steuve and Robert Koch of the accounting firm of Olson Thielen. As Steuve indicates, it is about building trust and putting controls in place that puts clients’ minds at ease. More than […]

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