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Welcome Kids of All Ages to the 3D Universe

Just like the world isn’t flat, neither is space. But how to convey that to humans who can’t see the depth of objects that are millions of miles away? The authors of the new #1 book, Welcome to the Universe in 3D: A Visual Tour, came up with a clever way for humans to see […]

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A Great American Mobility Success Story – Part 1

It could be said that one of the godfathers of the automated mobility revolution is a professor from Princeton who many know from his podcast, the SmartDrivingCar. Each week, Dr. Alain Kornhauser provides his wisdom and wit to make a serious topic engaging and fun. It is his decades of experience that differentiates Alain from […]

Alain Kornhauser Automated Mobility History

Saving a Railroad – Changing His Trajectory – Part 3 of a Conversation with Dr. Kornhauser

It started with a phone call at the end of the 1975 Spring semester. Representative James J. Florio’s office was looking for expert help to evaluate a reorganization plan for the bankrupt railroads in the Northeast Corridor. In many ways, the eyes of the entire country were on this potential legislation and it involved the […]

Alain Kornhauser Automated Mobility History ViodiTV

Following His Students on the DARPA Challenge Journey – Part 6

Is the teacher really the student? One has to ask that question after listening to Dr. Alain Kornhauser describe his initial skepticism about his students’ desire to compete in the 2005 DARPA challenge.  It wasn’t long before the students had convinced this Princeton Professor to be the advisor in their efforts. One outcome of that […]


Eli Harari’s Time at Princeton

Eli Harari discusses his studies at Princeton and how that formed the basis for his future work.

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